Ludo Raedts

Ludo’s career has tracked the evolution of customer engagement from traditional to digital channels.  Having worked in the industry since 1999, he founded WebCare Company in 2010, recognising the potential for social media to become a dominant customer interaction channel.  WebCare Company, now part of RIFF, supports social media customer engagement strategies for companies operating across Europe and worldwide.

Ludo began his career in customer engagement working with SNT, then the largest outsourced contact centre service provider in the Netherlands.  He went on to successfully manage and improve customer operations for a series of Dutch utility businesses including PWN, Essent and Nuon, where he united marketing and operations to develop a highly effective retention team.  In each role he worked consistently to improve loyalty, retention and customer value by delivering an exceptional experience and by innovating with the service potential of new digital channels and advanced technologies.  

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Ludo has been advising companies on the adoption of digital and social channels since 2003 and has become a recognized authority on the emergence of social media as a customer engagement channel, speaking regularly at industry conferences and academic institutions. Throughout his career Ludo has always been actively involved with clients, providing strategic advice and guiding the development of highly innovative customer journeys.  He encourages clients to focus relentlessly on their customers and to overcome the operational silos that frequently existing between customer management and marketing functions that inhibit customer engagement innovation.  He is ideally placed to do so being specialist in both areas. In the last years Ludo has worked with companies like Philips, adidas, Arla, McDonalds, KLM, Schiphol airport and more to help them improve their Customer Experience and to innovate in Customer Service.

Listen to the podcast from CRO.CAFE with Ludo and Polle de Maagt about customer service. (This conversation is in Dutch)

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